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Our Brand Identity

Every word we write is part of the AVA SEO story.


This section explains the essence of our brand identity and how we reflect our brand personality in our communications.


It's how we want our customers, partners, and stakeholders to hear us. Our brand has a soul.

Logo and Typography

Logo Design


A strong, simple, symmetrical shape encompassing the brand name in a contrasting binary colour scheme.

Business logo for AVA SEO

Logo Typeface


Our logo typeface is called Biome and was designed by San Francisco-based Carl Crossgrove, a senior type designer at Monotype Imaging.


Carl said, “I looked at mid-20th century modern furniture and architecture, automobile styling and even leaf shapes” to inform his design.


Biome has soft corners and a distinctive character in several styles and weights.


The Biome typeface family is both futuristic and organic, with a sense of calm. These design attributes reflect AVA SEO.


Biome is used by several major software vendors, including Microsoft and Adobe, due to its universal appeal, simplicity, and elegance for several use cases.

An illustration depicting the importance of personalising our business personality and identity

How we write our name, what our logo depicts, and how we communicate represent our brand and its values. It conveys:


  • Authoritativeness in our field of expertise

  • We are trustworthy

  • We have experience


As we grow our reputation, we want our customers, partners, and stakeholders to instinctively recognise our signature expertise when our brand appears in digital and print media.


We care about having a brand with an identity, a voice, and a meaning.


Because we care about our brand proposition, our customers can be sure we care deeply about their brand and its importance to their customers and the markets they operate in.

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