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Website Compliance (GDPR)

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A Sobering Thought

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) announced that it is developing AI to track down sites that have not set up proper cookie and consent banners. This is good news for website user privacy. 


This is also an excellent opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves - not only for their online audience but to ensure they don't fall short of business insurance clauses that may not cover them for claims resulting from non-compliance or privacy infringement.

Here is an extract of the ICO's AI announcement:

We will not stop with the top 100 websites. We are already preparing to write to the next 100 – and the 100 after that.


To accelerate our efforts, we are developing an AI solution to help identify websites using non-compliant cookie banners.


Stephen Almond, Executive Director, Regulatory Risk - ICO

Stephen leads the ICO’s team and is responsible for anticipating, understanding, and shaping the impacts of emerging technology and innovation on people and society.

Why Should this Matter?

The ICO AI initiative is a significant step toward automated enforcement, which means the ICO is getting serious about everyday online compliance. 


Your site could be on the ICOs radar before you know it!

Our solutions simplify cookie and consent requirements and related policy documentation affordably. 

Simplifying Complex Regulations

We help with the legal requirements so you can focus on your business.

Lawyer-level solutions to make your websites compliant with laws across multiple countries and legislations.

Whether you are an SMB, SME, Startup, or Enterprise, you must be compliant. 


At AVA SEO, we're here to help you avoid ICO warnings and fines. Our solutions simplify your website compliance obligations.

We closely monitor the UK as one of the regions where privacy is paramount to our customer obligations and provided extensive consultancy to a FTSE 100 company with a large online footprint comprised of hundreds of active and parked web domains.


Our solutions and legal texts are based on the strictest privacy requirements in the world, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, and the US's CPRA (CCPA amendment).

Illustration depicting GDPR compliance documentation on a computer screen

What are the 4  main requirements for website owners?

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Provide a Privacy and Cookie Policy that also includes any third party service providers you're using, like Google Analytics, Google Adsense, YouTube, Facebook, and many more.

Illustration depicting Privacy Policy on a computer screen

EU Cookie Law

If you have users from the EU, you must display:

  • cookie banner

  • Provide a cookie policy

  • Acquire consent for the installation of cookies

  • Block profiling cookies until consent has been obtained.

Why do you need a Consent Management Platform?

Many global data privacy laws and third parties like Google require consent management.


Not having a consent management platform (CMP) can result in:

  • Non-compliance

  • Fines

  • Reduced ad reach

  • Decreased revenue.

Illustration depicting cookie consent options in web browser

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions set the terms for how your site or service must be used and, most importantly, protect you from potential liabilities.

Illustration depicting Terms of Use policy on computer screen
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Benefit of a managed GDPR compliance service from AVA SEO

Stay compliant with cookie consent and data collection regulations using our privacy-first, business-centric GDPR Consent Management Solutions.

With a one-stop solution from AVA SEO, you can achieve:

  • Higher consent rates

  • Greater ad revenue

  • Comprehensive compliance

We have the expertise and integrity to help our customers meet their compliance obligations.

Read more about our OneTrust credentials on our company's LinkedIn page here.

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From as little

as £1 plus VAT per day.

Focus on your business, while we support your GDPR compliance.

Backed by the expertise of

an international legal team.

Continuous monitoring of the major legislations to keep our  customers and solutions up to date.

GDPR Consent Records

If you have EU-based users and use web forms on your site, such as newsletter sign-up or registration forms, you must collect and maintain valid records of consent for the consent you’ve collected to be considered valid.

Consent alone is not enough; you need to be able to prove it.

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