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Hi, my name is Sunil, and I am the owner and principal designer at  AVA SEO.  I like to be known as a Digital Advocate.

My background is senior project and programme management in a range of business sectors and business functions, which have recently included cyber security, digital risk protection, website GDPR compliance, and business change management.


I hold professional accreditations, memberships, and CPD hours, demonstrating expertise and commitment in my service areas. 

I am an active NHS and St John Ambulance volunteer, hold US and European private pilot’s licences, and an avid endurance cyclist.


My favourite career highlight was being the Product and Service Development Manager for British Airways Concorde, which you can read about on my company's LinkedIn page here.

What is a Digital Advocate?

A digital advocate is a professional who champions the effective use of technology to enhance various aspects of society, business, and personal development.


This role involves promoting digital literacy, advocating for responsible digital policies, and ensuring that technology is a tool for empowerment and inclusivity.


Digital advocates work to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that all individuals have access to the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in a digitally driven world.


By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, they help guide ethical tech development and implementation, making sure that innovations are used wisely and benefit as many people as possible.

An Interview with the West London Chambers of Commerce.

I was delighted to be interviewed in the West London Chambers of Commerce Let's Talk Business magazine.


I'm pleased to have the opportunity to share this interview, which helpfully summarises my background and thoughts on an effective online presence.

Website Design  |  SEO  |  GDPR Compliance  |  User Analytics & Optimisation  |  Content Production

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