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Writing Services

AVA SEO are certified content marketing professionals.


We are highly skilled at researching and transforming customer briefs into high-performance, high-quality topical authority content for any subject in any business domain. Our content output is SEO-optimised while respecting Google's E-E-A-T principles.

Best in Class

We do not outsource or offshore to 'writing farms'. All client work is compiled in-house and subjected to comprehensive spelling, punctuation, and grammar checks using enterprise subscriptions to tools and services, including Grammarly and plagiarism checks using Copyscape.


Writing content and blog posts is a crucial aspect of content marketing. Creating and sharing compelling insights, opinions, and information can establish brand awareness and credibility for our customer's websites. 


Crafting high-quality blog content can also help boost your search engine rankings, particularly for informational-intent SEO keywords. 


Moreover, blogs can significantly support top-tier revenue pages, such as service pages and categories, by including internal links.

Content Writing

This covers creating content that educates, informs, and entertains.


Examples of content types include blog articles, topical authority articles, white papers, and ebooks covering all kinds of personal, professional and commercial disciplines.


Our services define your content by buyer journey stages to write impactful copy.

Our Process

We work from a content brief covering an objective and/or subject that may require specific headings, sections and paragraphs.


We combine the brief with thorough subject research and include royalty-free images if/where required. Meta descriptions can be included, and pages are formatted depending on the target use case.


Our pro-level writing service covers content, copywriting, and other focused content.

Our turnaround time is typically 2 - 5 days, depending on several factors, which include:

  • Brief complexity

  • Bried completeness

  • Word count

  • Topic

  • Audience

  • Other specified requirements

We charge per word and, if required, include royalty-free images, meta descriptions, internal links, ready-made vector art and illustrations.

Copy Writing

This focuses on writing to persuade for promotion, conversion, or lead generation, through product descriptions, web content, and ad copy.

Comprehensive Range of Use Case Focused Writing Services

We know content is the heart and soul of our customer's communications with their audience. 


We offer the equivalent of a ‘white glove concierge’ service…special care and attention.

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